We are a cigar company that prides ourselves on selling tobacco that is 100% organic and partly grown in “La Isla del Encanto”.
The tobacco we use is cultivated and grown using traditional methods and hand-rolled in Puerto Rico. The leaves used in our cigars are carefully selected to give the cigar a cleaner burn and a great flavor. We offer different sizes and flavors of cigars using Puerto Rican and Nicaraguan (Esteli region) filler with a Habano Leaf.

La Madama Cigars was started in May of 2020 by Monique, an espiritista and medium. La Madama Cigars are 100% organic and hand rolled and cultivated using traditional, ancestral Puerto Rican methods.

Our cigar gets it’s name “La Madama” based on a group of powerful spiritual entities known as “Las Madamas”. They were healers and strong women who despite colonialism held tight to their African and Indigenous spiritual beliefs.

Las Madamas worked heavily with tobacco and other herbs and roots. They worked with tobacco to perform cleansings and also used it for medicinal purposes amongst other things. Tobacco is a sacred plant ally used by many healers and those who continue their indigenous practices today. La Madama cigars were created with these communities in mind.

Made by manos, powered by Spirit.

Our cigar has been featured in the May 2022 edition of Humo Latino, a magazine that caters to the cigar industry of Latin America. We are the first cigar company to offer a cigar created specifically for spiritualists such as (espiritistas, santeros, mambos, houngans, etc.) to use in religious ceremonies and for conjure work. While our cigars are high quality and can be enjoyed by any cigar aficionado, our main goal at La Madama cigars is to provide a high quality, organic cigar that is pure, potent, and helps to connect with and receive clearer messages from spirit.

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